Business Area

Equipment Supply & Procurement

ISMR is a company acting on behalf of leading Korean and international suppliers in the nuclear industry. ISMR is a leading voice of the nuclear supply chain and actively promotes a safe and reliable nuclear industry base.

ISMR combines the strengths and experience of leading equipment supply and procurement with specialized engineering and consulting capabilities for nuclear industrial clients to develop and drive an integrated equipment supplies and procurement plan.

ISMR’s equipment supplies and procurement services are based on quality sourcing through its established strategic partners in the supply of equipment for the SMRs as well as the nuclear industry area.

Nuclear suppliers provide materials, equipment, and services to nuclear power plants and nuclear facilities and are subject to the unique requirements and procedures of the nuclear industry area. ISMR’s supply chain develops strategic relationships with its suppliers who can meet the price, quality, delivery, and service level requirements.

ISMR has a network between various SMR developers and its suppliers to supply and deliver a specific product to the end-users. As well, ISMR will become a technology provider by bridging and exchanging the products and technologies of SMRs including all kinds of nuclear reactor types.

ISMR has focused its expertise on ensuring it helps you to find out nuclear developers and subcontractors including SMRs as well as to supply the equipment and components to them.

Service Areas
  • Researching existing and new markets and products
  • Identifying relevant suppliers
  • Negotiating supplier contracts and terms
  • Evaluating supplier performance
  • Resolving supplier issues and performance
  • Maintaining supplier relationships
  • Procurement reports (e.g., KPIs) and supplier performance to customer