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Dismantling & Decommissioning

ISMR has competent capability in Radioactive Waste Management, Spent Fuel Management & Decommissioning of nuclear power plants, and a good relationship with global partners.

Radioactive waste accumulates both in the course of normal nuclear facility operations and during decommissioning. Appropriate conditioning reduces waste volumes - saving storage space and helping to limit the costs of interim and long-term storage, making waste less hazardous and ensuring safe final disposal.

ISMR’s customized solutions for all waste problems and all reactor types rank amongst the world's leading technologies for the treatment of radioactive waste.

After the end of their operational life, nuclear power plants cannot be left to their own. Since they still may pose a hazard, they have to be decommissioned. Decommissioning work is carried out by dismantling the most contaminated areas, the activated systems, and components.

These dismantling steps are largely carried out by remote control to avoid the presence of people in areas of high radiation. Much of the work is also carried out underwater since water is an effective radiation shield.

Service Areas
Radioactive Waste Management
Evaporation & Concentration
Microwave drying
Nuclide separation
Pyrolysis & Pyro-hydrolysis
Sorting / Segregation
High-force compaction & Incineration
Spent Fuel Management
Comprehensive case study to delivery
Different kinds of storage technologies (Casks, Vaults, and others)
Handling facilities
Fuel assembly monitoring systems
Classification systems for defective fuel
Systems for handling and preparation for storage of defective and heavily damaged spent fuel elements
Development of appropriate decommissioning strategies
Studies and technical restoration concepts
Planning for regulatory approval
Support for or management of licensing processes